The Jahan Experience

Tomb of The Necroticks

Upon receiving a request from the Skant, Deebldorf's Mayor, the party set out to find the lost mining pick of one of the first founders. This founder was described to them as a female dwarf named Giselda who set out 80 years ago to find proof of the cult of the necroticks thought to have driven life from the region over 300 years ago. After she set out on her journey she was never heard from again.  Upon hearing that some miners were being lost in the very tunnel she had disappeared from the party was sent to investigate. 

Devorak, Turramok, and the newest adventurer to be added to the party Valeous set off the explore the tunnel and find out what had happened to the miners, as well as find the first founder's mining pick.  After traveling about a mile inland underground the party stumbled upon a newly uncovered chamber. Upon investigating it was found to be the home of a couple ghouls who were quickly dispatched by the three. Within the passage they then discovered the corpses of three of the missing miners. Chewed up and dismembered the party elected to leave the corpses be and continue searching for the tomb or other miners whichever came first. 

After a quick search of the alcove they found a hard to see hole in the wall that opened into worked stone and stale air. It was here that the party first stepped into the tomb. Obviously not meant to be an entrance the party worked there way through a maze of traps, ghouls, and a skeletal champion to discover Giselda's journal. It recapped her findings within the tomb and as well as warned that the necroticks were very much alive. In her last entry she stated that she was going to drop the entrance in an effort to prevent the necroticks from reaching the surface again.  

Upon reading the journal and resting for a short while the party set forth further into the tomb only to be halted by a room of supernatural darkness. 

To Be Continued…

Welcome to Deebldorf
The Players Meet

Deebldorf is a large city in the middle of a barren landscape.  The most notable thing about Deebldorf, outside of its large walls and general acceptance of all races, is the large quarry and mining operation on the edge of town. Deebldorf was founded one hundred years ago by a group of miners looking to make their fortune. Those miners hit paydirt and the mines have continued to payout. Rather than having a large number of individual claims the founders of the town decided that the mines should be regulated by the town and the deeds shall be held by the town itself. This allowed the founders to pay there employees equally and ensured infighting was brought minimal. 

Now to our adventurers:

Jahan has been in town for a few weeks performing comedy shows in the most prominent inns and taverns in town. He is most well received at the Dusty Wind a Inn found in the People's district. He's come in search of fame and is willing to do anything to obtain it. 

Turramock a barbarian from the bleeding skull clan has just arrived in town after being outcast from his tribe due to a failed revolt against the cruel tribe leader. He is mostly looking to avenge himself as well as destroy his tribeleader.

Devorak is a shifty rogue who grew up on the streets of Deebldorf. There isnt a corner he doesn't know. After a botched assassination attempt on the thieves guild leader. He has been tasked with killing his now ex-boss by Pence the lord of the underworld himself. 


These three adventurers meet fr the first time in the Dusty Wind while Jahan is searching for a crew to assist him in investigating claims of missing citizens and a recent undead uprising. This is a high profile case and Jahan wishes to pursue it in order to obtain an audience with the mayor as well as build report with the guard captain. 

Upon asking around in the Dusty Wind both Turramock and Devorak agreed to accompany Jahan on his quest. 

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